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Model AWPS23.56 AWPS23.56G
Maximum platform A 5.6m
Work platform minimum length L 1.88m
Working platform extended length L+E 2.78m
Platform supporting extended length E 0.9m
Working platform width D 0.76m
Working platform fence height B 1.14m
Fixed fence ground clearance(scissor fully retracted) C 2.08m
Overall vehicle length(auxiliary platform not extanded) G 1.9m
Overall vehicle length(auxiliary platform fully extanded) 2.8m
Overall width F 0.76m
Wheelbase H 1.58m
Minimum distance off the ground(safety flap closed) I 98mm
Minimum distance off the ground(safety flap extended) 19mm
Maximum load capacity 230Kg
Maximum limit load capacity of supporting platform 113Kg
Vehicle travel speed(Km/h)-scissor retracted 0~4.0
Vehicle travel speed(Km/h)-scissor extended 0~0.8
Minimum turning radius 2.5 M
Gradient-scissor retracted 25%
Power source 4 x 6V/210AH / battery
Platform lift/lower time 28/30 S
Drive Double front drive/24v DC motor
Tire size(Dxw) 305x100mm
Service weight 1,390 Kg | 1,350kg