Nifty 140 | 14.25m

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Working Height

14.25m (47ft)

Working outreach

6.40m (21ft)

Hydraulic Outriggers

For quick & easy setup

Fully Proportional
Hydraulic Controls

Simple, reliable &
easy to maintain

Bi-Energy Available

Optimising utilisation

1.5m Wide Platform

Larger area for operator to work

150° Fly-Boom

Greater accuracy when
positioning platform

Traction Drive Option

Improved manoeuvrability on site

The Nifty 140 trailer mount is the first of a new generation of Nifty trailer mounts taking advantage of developments in design and build technology. It delivers outstanding reach performance without compromising on functionality or quality.

With one of the largest platforms in its class and a 150° fly boom, positioning the Nifty 140 trailer mount is easy and hydraulic outriggers make setting up quicker than ever before.

The Bi-Energy power option improves utilisation for the Nifty 140 trailer mount by allowing operation in discreet and fume free environments or for extended periods where no external power source is available.

Hydraulic outriggers allow quick and easy setup of the Nifty 140 trailer mount and the audible alarm ensures that the operator is aware of an incorrect setup, when working in the busiest of environments.

The Nifty 140 trailer mount is also available with a traction drive option that offers a simple, cost effective and safe method for on-site positioning.