Nifty Traction Drive

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Nifty ‘Traction Drive’ is an integrated drive system that assists with the manoeuvring and positioning of Niftylift trailer mounts by a single operator when on-site and disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Operated from controls next to the tow hitch, Nifty ‘Traction Drive’ allows an operator to maximise their effectiveness on any series of tasks allowing them to be performed quickly and safely without the need for extra assistance.


When engaged, ‘Traction Drive’ uses hydraulically powered ‘drums’ to turn the road wheels in order to position the machine. This provides more traction than with alternatives such as powered jockey wheels and enables an operator to negotiate slopes that without Traction Drive would be inaccessible.

Nifty Traction Drive also works on softer surfaces such as grass or gravel, which often surround the sorts of typical applications for which trailer mounts are used. Again, this dramatically increases the potential effectiveness of a single operator as in some cases the only alternative would be to ‘man-handle’ the machine with a team of people!



Without assistance, one operator can un-hitch and manoeuvre the trailer mount from one location to another in a safe and controlled manner.

When the task is finished, Nifty Traction Drive allows the machine to be easily manoeuvred into position and re-hitched to the towing vehicle before being safely disengaged for road towing.


Nifty Traction Drive offers a simple, cost effective and most importantly safe method for on-site positioning. It improves operator effectiveness and efficiency and can also assist compliance with ‘materials handling regulations’.

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